Why you need to dye your hair in warm shades

However, take your time to go under the knife until you've tried less invasive rejuvenation methods. Almost any stylist will tell you that it's not about the smoothness of the skin, but how well your hair color and makeup are chosen. View here for more info: jazzing hair color


Experts say that your natural hair color is the best option for your face and appearance in general. There is no such thing that the color that nature itself gave you does not fit your own eyes or skin tone!

However, our hair tends to fade or even turn gray. Of course, after such changes, the color may no longer suit you the way it was before.

Today we will try to prove to you that women after 40 can look much younger with a warm shade of hair. You might be interested to know what the difference is. Cold and warm shades of hair differ in that the former make your image clearer and cooler, and the latter add coziness and tenderness to your face.

What colors and shades are warm? It's very easy to spot! All these shades seem to be "edible": a spectrum from caramel to chocolate. Even strawberry pink hair is a warm shade. The same can be said about warm light brown hair .

For brunettes and fair-haired we recommend several options for hair color.

Delicate Chocolate

Try using the balayage technique to dye only part of your hair in the color of milk chocolate . This will visually make the hair look more voluminous and the face will look much softer. The most important advantage of hair color in this technique is that you will need to update the color very rarely, and this will save you money and time.

Hot sombre

This technique is a bit like sunburned hair and creates the effect that you just came from a vacation somewhere in sunny Spain. The light areas are like soft highlights from the sun, which, although created by a specialist, still look very natural. You can make a sombre just once and enjoy a beautiful color for a very long time.

Dark Coffee

This is ideal for women who have naturally dark skin and brown eyes . Usually, girls with such an appearance can dye their hair black, but after 40 this color starts playing a cruel joke with their appearance, turning you into either an evil witch or a tired old woman. But the deep coffee color gives warmth and favorably emphasizes brown eyes, at the same time throwing off your 10 years!

Not only brunettes are better in warm shades, but also women with light and red hair. Here's how to profitably change your natural hair color by using only warm shades.

Honey Blonde

Platinum hair doesn't just age, it's out of fashion for a long time. You shouldn't experiment with such shades. In addition, they can significantly spoil the quality of your hair. But the soft honey tint will not only rejuvenate your face, but also preserve the quality of your hair.

Pink splash

If you have pale aristocratic skin , then we recommend giving your hair a light pink tint. It has been at the height of fashion for a long time and is clearly not going to leave it.

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